#1 Sharing and Trust

Time and time again, I am shocked by the transparent trust and sharing among community members. What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine. This runs true whether it’s from food, motorbikes, and even to children.

#2 Lanterns

Traditionally, lanterns were more red, for the color of good fortune and luck. But modern day society is accepting of all colors and we have blues, greens, yellows, purples…all colors! I still find the that the cool colors look odd and prefer the warm colored ones. Of course, the light on the inside is also a large determining factor of how the whole look turns out.

#3 Rice

Rice Fun Facts Rice is the biggest staple in Vietnamese diet.Việt Nam was the world’s #5 producer of rice in 2017.Rice is one of the biggest exports of Việt Nam. Rice paddies are a huge part of the landscape. Vietnamese has at least 4 words for rice, depending on its state.There are more than 4…

#4 Handicrafts

In a world of digital art and talents, and even more mass-produced products, it’s really refreshing to come across some tangible crafts. It’s incredible what people are capable of when they’re bored or left with lots of hours to practice a skill. Woodcrafting, embroidery, crocheting, painting, and drawing are just a few of the beautiful skills I’ve come across in Việt Nam. That’s not even counting furniture making, shipbuilding, welding or other trades!

#5 Sleeper Buses

I just spent about 12 hours on a bus to get from my central beach town back to the mountainous city of Đà Lạt to say my goodbyes with my old friends here. After considering flight options from multiple airports, trains, and buses, I ultimately took a sleeper bus – one that picked me up…

#6 Baby Animals

Animals in Việt Nam are less domesticated by American standards in the sense that they don’t have collars, fences, leashes, purses, or insurance. Dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, cows, buffaloes, birds, pigs, and even ostriches are raised everywhere. Instead of keeping a square yard fenced in, pets are allowed to roam into the neighbor’s property without…